Character re-design of Abscess.  The base is a sculpt from ZBrush.  The rest is Photoshop.  

Ben 10: Omniverse Character work

Here's some stuff I did for the Ben 10: Omniverse game.  This one was EXTREMELY fun to work on. 

Here's just some of the work I did for Uber Entertainments, Super Monday Night Combat.  You can play it for free, on Steam.


I got Diablo on the brain right now, and this is kind of the product of that. I wanted a barbarian that could possibly go in the current Diablo world, but would still seem different.

Hurray for Hard Drive failures!

I was able to save this painted version of Butterball designed by Simon "Spiderzero" Lee.  Will have to see about retrieving data off of my failed hard drive.  YAY!!

Is there anybody in there?

It's been a long time since I've posted anything new, and for good reason. Everything I've been working on has been under NDA.  But now that things are slowing down, I'm gonna do something a little more interesting here.  I'm learning to do painting, and character/creature design, and I'm gonna post up my progress here.  It's kinda scary taking on a new direction, but I love 2D work, and it's been calling me for a while now. So I hope you'll watch me grow, and learn here.  If you have anything to say, hit me up at my email, I'll be posting a couple pieces here soon, hope you like them, and stick around for the show.  Thanks